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How we assisted BORUM Industries in finding partners in Zambia

Finding the right partner in Africa is crusial to your business case.

How to find the right partner

If your business case is depending on local partnerships it is very important that you find the right partner. You may have different criteria to you local partner depending on the type and strategy of your business.

Nordekon assisted Borum Industries in finding the right partner by identifying relevant local partners suitable to the business model of Borum Industries. Nordekon identified 7-10 relevant partners in for example Zambia and Borum Industry is now started specific dialog with all of them, in order to find out who is most suitable for a business cooperation.


“We would never had come this far without the assistance from Nordekon and their local consultants, in just 1-2 weeks the fully understood our business concept and lined 9 relevant local partners up for us in Zambia”

Lisbeth Knudsen, Sales Manager, Borum Industries