Flemming Sørensen, CEO, Partner (Denmark)











Flemming is one of Nordekon’s Africa-experts. Flemming has assisted companies all over Africa and know how to do business in Africa. Flemming has also facilitated group business delegations and one-to-one business delegations to many African countries.




Esa Rantanen, CEO, Partner (Finland)




Esa is our CEO and Partner in Finland. Esa has a strong background in international business development, high level business delegation experience, entry and sales strategies. Esa has worked as commercial counsellor in China and Africa.

Nina Lund Hansen



Nina is our part-time freelance Anthropologist working with the business culture with specific focus on the French-speaking countries in Africa. Nina is working at the Embassy of Cöte d´Ivory in Copenhagen.


Josefine Maria Rostgaard Sørensen, Consultant


Josefine is our student assistant from Copenhagen Business School. Josefine has studiet and lived in Asia and Africa.


Signe Emilie Willesen Smith






Signe is our student assistant from University of Roskilde, studying journalism. Signe will focus on all the very sustainable and innovative Nordic company cases in Africa we are coming across. Signe will also be the leading consultant in our B2Africa Magazine.






Pinja Salmi, Junior Consultant


Pinja is our Finnish student assistant from Copenhagen Business School. Pinja is mainly focussing on AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in Finland as well as our Nordic business delegations and the conact to Finnish companies.


Junior Consultant, Veronika Mielck


Veronika is our Finnish Junior Consultant, assisting the Finnish companies and AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in Finland. Veronika is from CBS business school.


Flemming Sørensen

Flemming Sørensen

CEO, Partner


Esa Rantanen

Esa Rantanen

CEO, Partner (Finland)


Josefine Maria Rostgaard Sørensen

Josefine Maria Rostgaard Sørensen



Signe Emilie Willesen Smith

Signe Emilie Willesen Smith

Communication Consultant


Veronika Mielck

Veronika Mielck

Consultant (Finland)


– It´s about the people 

In Nordekon we believe that the best result is determined by the people who carry out the task and our consultants are therefore among the best in their field. Our people are experts in doing business in emerging markets with great and relevant global country experience. Team spirit, motivation and having fun while working in Nordekon. In Nordekon you never give up and you constantly strive to develop yourself and your team



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