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The duration of our business delegations is 4 days in average 

We tailor-make individual business meetings to each participating company and we arrange any high-level authority or minister meetings that is relevant for your business  

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Nordekon business delegations

Nordekon invites companies to join one of our business delegations to emerging markets. On all of our business delegations, the companies will gain insights into the local network and business opportunities as well as get access to relevant government officials and sector representatives. Furthermore, all delegation participants will have the chance to meet producers and industry experts and get their views on challenges and opportunities within the local context.

Some of the sectors that currently experience significant growth in Africa, include (but are not limited to):


  • Sustainable energy
  • Infrastructure development
  • Clean water
  • Food, agriculture, agribusiness
  • Tourism, hospitality, services
  • Housing, education, ICT

The general duration of our business delegations is 4-5 days, containing relevant meetings with local companies, authorities and relevant trade organisations. During our business delegations, there will be individual and tailor-made week programmes and meetings for all the participating companies. If you represent an organisation/trade organisation, we offer tailor-made business delegations that are appropriate for your specific segment and target group. If you are interested in more information about our business delegations, please contact us.




Nordekon is arranging a number of business delegations and trade missions to Africa.




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