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– Nordic business delegation to Gambia, November 2018

Join our business delegation to Gambia, November 18th – 22nd, 2018 and explore business opportunities and meet local Gambian partners that are interested in doing sustainable business with Danish, Swedish and Finnish companies within the energy, healthcare, ICT and tourism industry. 


Explore business opportunities in Gambia



The Gambia has a liberal, market-based economy characterised by traditional subsistence agriculture, a historic reliance on groundnuts (peanuts) for export earnings, a re-export trade built up around its ocean port, low import duties, minimal administrative procedures, a fluctuating exchange rate with no exchange controls, and a significant tourism industry. (Photo behind: The National Assembly in The Gambia).


Gambia today celebrates 53years of independence, having broken away from British rule on February 18, 1965.




Explore your business potential – discover business opportunities within the Energy, Tourism/Service, ICT and Healthcare sectors, in November 18th – 22nd, 2018

Nordekon ApS and CARES4Energy invite Nordic companies to join our business delegation to The Gambia in November 2018. The purpose of the business delegation is to identify relevant local business partners including relevant meetings with high level officials. We will organize an individual program for your company in accordance with your needs and will include the following:

  • Kickoff seminar on business opportunities in The Gambia
  • High-level Ministerial meetings with relevance for your business
  • Individual program of visits to relevant local companies. The program will be based on your company profile and requirements

Prior to departure there will be an opportunity to meet with embassy representatives from the Gambian embassy in Stockholm

Target group:

This delegation to The Gambia is relevant for Nordic companies operating in all sectors – but in particular the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Tourism / Service
  • ICT
  • Healthcare

Particpant fee: The price is EURO 2,500 each person (based on min. 10 traveling companies) ex. airfare and accommodation. Not included in the price is the participant’s own transport to meetings, transportation to/from airport, visas, insurance and meals. Sign up: Sign up for participation, please email:



Read more about the incentives for investigating the Gambian business opportunities

Gambia is one of the finest destinations for European and Scandinavian tourists. Each year thousands of tourists from Europe and Scandinavian countries visit The Gambia between October and March. The Gambian people are genuinely friendly and the country is widely known as the smiling coast of Africa.

Recently, The Gambia has established genuine democracy and the country is open for business. A donor’s conference was held in Brussels, whereby international donors have pledged to support The Gambia with USD1.5 billion. 

The government has enacted laws to enhance more private participation in the economy such as the Renewable Energy Act.